The most commonly purchased pepper sprays, in keychain form. They clip right onto your keychain so that you can always have a self defense spray within hands reach. OC percentage ranges from 10% to 18%, various styles and colors available.

Leather Pepper Spray Keychains
Leather Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick K...


DeFuser Pepper Spray


Plastic Pepper Spray Keychains
1/2oz w/ Injected Molded Holster & Quick K...


Cheap pepper spray keychain
1/2 oz w/ Quick Key Release Keychain


Police Magnum Pepper Spray Keychains
Police Magnum Plastic Keychain


Hot Pink Mace Keychain
Hot Pink Model Keychain


WildFire pepper spray keychains
1/2oz Wildfire Model


Mace Police Spray
Mace Police Spray


Glow in the dark pepper spray keychains
10% OC Glow in the dark - Leather Case


Police Magnum Leather Pepper Spray Keychain
Police Magnum Leather Keychain


Colored Plastic Pepper Spray Keychains
10% Hard Case


Hello Kitty Pepper Spray
Hello Kitty Pepper Spray


Large WildFire Pepper Spray Keychain
1.5 oz Wildfire 18% OC


Small Pocket Pepper Spray
Small Pocket Model


Police Strength Pepper Gard
Keychain Leather Plus Model


Mace Keyguard Pepper Sprays
Mace Keyguard


Dooney and Bourke Pepper Spray Keychain
Dooney & Bourke Pepper Spray Keychain


red pepper spray keychain
Personal Model


Zebra Pepper Spray Keychain
Zebra Pepper Spray Keychain


Leopard Pepper Spray Keychain
Leatherette Leopard Pepper Spray


Cheetah Pepper Spray
Leatherette Cheetah Pepper Spray



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