Types Of Pepper Spray:

Using this category you can find all of the different types of pepper spray that are made, ranging from the common keychains to guns that shoot a long distance all the way to large canisters which have a lot of volume within the canisters. If you would like more information, read the detailed descriptions below.

  1. Keychains - These are the most popular because of their small, "to go" size and strength. They are easy to use, have enough OC to defend yourself against multiple assailants and are great because you can clip them onto your keychain and take them with you everywhere you go. Tons of variety to choose from!
  2. Disguised (Spy) - A specialized selection that looks like normal household objects, like a pen, lipstick canister, or even an old school pager. Great to choose if you want the element of surprise. Perfect if you are meeting someone off of the internet or going on a blind date.
  3. Police - The most durable, law enforcement used.. You can choose tactical sprays as well as very strong, high capacity pepper spray. You can trust the the products listed here, such as the Police Magnum brand, which has the police emblem manufactured right onto the canister.
  4. Guns - We have the top brands, of powerful pepper guns that shoot a long distance, keeping you safe from your attacker(s). We currently carry a couple of the most popular products.
  5. Animal Repellents - The products found here are specifically made to deter small animals ranging from aggressive dogs all the way to large bears. They are proven to be effective, mail carriers use the dog sprays every single day. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved bear sprays are also listed in this category.
  6. Small Canisters - Great to store in your vehicle, or even keep by you in your office or garage. They are great as backups as you never know when you have to use it to protect yourself.
  7. Large Canisters - Very large, will keep your family safe at home. We sell ones that come with brackets to screw into your wall, all the way to devices that include built in lights so that you can use them if you are awaken when you are sleeping.

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