Pepper Spray Wisconsin

Pepper Spray is legal in Wisconsin with restrictions.

If you plan on ordering human sprays, please note the following from statute; Wisconsin Statutes Section 941.26 and Justice Regulations 14.01 et seq. ; A "device or container that contains a combination of oleoresin of capsicum and inert ingredients" is allowed. Regulation allows a maximum of 10% OC with 15-60 grams as the max amount allowed to be purchased. Pepper Sprays such as the 1/2 ounce and 2 ounce sprays would be allowed. Also, the device can't be camouflaged, and there must be a safety feature implemented so that there is no accidental discharge. These said devices can not have a range of over 20 feet, but must shoot over 6 feet to be considered effective. Additionally, there are certain product and label requirements, which are the following: the phone number of the manufacturer must be on the label of the device, and it may not be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Product can only be sold in tamper-proof (sealed) packages.

...don't worry, we'll make it EASY. Below are products that you can legally order! (Including animal repellents such as bear and dog mace since they are classified as animal repellents rather than human sprays).

Leather Pepper Spray Keychains
Leather Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick K...


Dog Mace
Dog Mace


Bear Spray
9oz. Bear Repellent Defense Pepper Spray


Bear Mace
9 oz Bear Fogger - Mace Branded Product


Police Magnum Flip Top Pepper Spray Canister
2 Ounce Police Magnum Spray


Plastic Pepper Spray Keychains
1/2oz w/ Injected Molded Holster & Quick K...


7.9oz. FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray & Attack Deterrent with 2 Bear Bells
7.9oz. FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray & Attack De...



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