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This product keeps away aggressive dogs while you are walking alone or with your own canine, jogging, running, biking, or even trying to enjoy a walk with your spouse or child. Vicious, untrained and unleashed attack dogs can charge you at a fast pace, so you need to be prepared.

Dog Mace Muzzle Spray

This model is created with the same very "HOT" ingredients as normal pepper spray, containing non-lethal cayenne pepper! This is as strong as some of our human sprays however it is EPA approved, which means it is a more humane way to put a stop to a dog or any aggressive animal. One single shot to the dogs face will faze the vicious animal effectively and humanely with a temporary (although intense) burning sensation.

How To Use Dog Mace

...To use this repellent, point at the animal or human, slide your thumb under the safety cap, then press down to discharge the defense spray.

This 14 gram canister is very convenient to carry on a waistband, a belt, in your pocket, or even attached to your keys! This Mace brand has an easy fliptop that will allow you to use it with ease; immediately. There is a contoured finger grip to help you in aiming accurately once you lift the fliptop. This model is easily dispensed with a single flip push rotation, allowing you to use your thumb for the best grip.

Review of this product:

This dog spray CAN be legally shipped to all 50 states.


10 Feet Distance Pepper Spray

  • Protect yourself against vicious and aggressive dogs.
  • 14 gram unit shoots up to 10 feet.
  • 10 one second shots OC, which is found in normal pepper spray, is in this model.
  • A keychain attachment and belt clip are included so that you can easily walk while being protected.
  • Safety cap fliptop and quick finger grip for helping to aim accurately.
  • EPA approved to be safe, extremely effective and humane way to make dogs retreat and stop unwanted dog attacks.
  • Manufactured by MACE, the most trusted brand!
  • Legal in all 50 states.

How to Keep Yourself Protected with Pepper Spray - 15 Tips

This product is eligible for a free replacement if it is used to defend yourself. You should know that this product can be used multiple times to defend yourself, however at any time if you use or lose it, please send us a copy of the police report, then we will send you a replacement of this product. We also cover the shipping, however accessories may not be included.


my husband bought this for me because i like to go for a jog after work which is when people let their dogs out because they are getting home at the same time


I am an elderly women but I still have the energy to go for a walk everday but there are dogs that may someday get lose and attack me so I bought this since it is specifically for dogs and it's non-lethal. I hope I never have to use it because I never want to spray a dog, but it may be my only chance to stay unharmed.



1. Your unit has an estimated 0.75 ounces of hot OC compound. This is enough for roughly ten - twenty concise sprays. Be sure to test your product to ensure it is working correctly. To test, be sure that you are a safe distance away from any and all persons and/or animals. Be sure that you do not use up a lot of the spray when testing, you just want to be sure that your device is working as it is suppose to.

2. For best self defense, if possible, you should stay away from any potential threats. Be sure to always scan the area you are in to ensure that there are no aggressive dogs.


1. If you feel that you are entering a threatening area, equip the unit in your hand. Put your thumb underneath the safety cap and be prepared to use the device as intended, which you can do by firmly pressing on the red trigger with your thumb.

2. This device is designed in a way that you can get a firm grip on it. Only when the device is facing the correct way will it be able to be used properly, due to the safety cap at the top of the product. Because of the orientation of the product, you can use it in a stressful situation or poorly lit area.

3. When you feel threatened, do not be afraid to use this device. Simply, and calmly point and spray concise, short sprays at the mouth, nose, and eyes of the canine. This will give you a perfect opportunity to get to safety.

4. This product is manufactured and assembled in a way that you should use short, concise sprays when focused on the canine’s mouth. Once the trigger is pressed down, hot oleoresin capsicum will be dispersed roughly ten feet. Note: if windy conditions, it is advised you be careful in which direction you spray the device. Be sure to use the device in an upright position for optimal use.


This device has an organic OC compound which will cause intense irritation when used to a canines mouth, eyes, or nose. Within seconds the canine will feel the intense reaction which will cause it to retreat. A large percentage of canines will attempt to remove the compound from their face by rolling on the ground and attempting to rub the area where it affected them.


As instructed, this device is to be used on dogs, however if you feel that your safety is compromised then it is encouraged for you to use it against any other animal or human. If you do spray a human with this product, follow the guidelines below.

WARNING: If the information below is not followed than the human may be affected in the following ways: skin irritation, skin injuries, or even burns.

1. Remove contact lenses and any clothing that is thought to have been sprayed.

2. Get a large amount of cool water and use it to flush the area that has been contaminated. Once that is completed, let the contaminated area get fresh air immediately.

3. Do NOT use any type of lotions, oils, or creams as this may cause future problems.

4. If irritation continues contact medical help.


This product is allowed to be used under all state laws. According to FAA regulations, you may only store this product in checked baggage.


Keep this product in a location that is a safe distance from children. Keep in a location where temperatures do not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it is advised to not keep the product in dangerously cold areas because this could result in product diminishing.


Upon purchasing this product you should have at least 3 years of use. There is a sticker on the product indicating the “use by” date. It is advised not to use this product past that date even though it is known to work at least 6 months after that date. To discard, follow state and federal laws.


This product is extremely effective. You are advised to take it wherever possible while being legal. Not only will this product keep you safe, it will reduce your stress levels. This product is proudly manufactured in the United States.

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