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This product is a great alternative to our dog pepper spray. To use this, you press a button which causes a discomforting, yet non-harmful high frequency sound, which is in the range of 20,000Hz to 25,000Hz, which makes it heard by animals but not humans. This is a multi-use tool because there is an extremely bright LED flashing strobe included, which confuses and blinds the dog temporarily. Also, you can use this as a flashlight.

How the Dog Chaser Works - Diagram

This product can stop dogs from a distance of up to 40 feet! There is also a training setting programmed into this device. One 9-volt batter is required (INCLUDED!).

  • No harm is done to the dog!
  • Ready to use once received (comes with a 9-volt battery)
  • High frequency sound, strobe light, and flashlight
  • High frequency sound effects dogs but not humans
  • Measurements: 4 - 3/4" x 1 - 3/4" x 3/4"
  • Reaches up to 40 feet!
  • Training setting included

This product is eligible for a free replacement if it is used to protect yourself. If you use or lose it, please send us a copy of the police report, then we will send you a replacement of this product. We also cover the shipping, however accessories may not be included.


as a person that lives next to a kennel this is a necessary product


i like this product over the dog spray because i do not want to have to spray any dog and what if i miss?


This product works great, however don’t buy it to use it as a flashlight because the light isn't that bright.

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