Large Pepper Spray

If you are looking to keep yourself safe, large pepper spray is the best way to go. These type of products are perfect for home or office used, as well as countless other situations. We have a numerous amount of pepper sprays to fit your needs, ranging from 4 ounce to 1 POUND canisters!

WildFire Gel    Mace Foam    Pistol Grip Spray    Quick Cap Pepper Spray

These canisters are filled with extremely high OC, millions of scoville heat units. These are the rashest, nastiest, and most feared pepper sprays sold to consumers today. A wide variety, you’ll be sure to find the one perfect for you! Some come in fogger model, others in gel, and the rest in the standard “stream” spray. Which is the standard? The STREAM spray!

Some come with a flip-top for safety and easy access, some have the quick pull pin, and some have mighty pistol grip for easy handling and increased accuracy. You can’t go wrong with these bad boys!


Find something that interests you? Great – use the promotional code “blog” when you are checking out and you’ll get 20% off INSTANTLY. That’s right, just for reading our blog you get a HUGE DISCOUNT. You don’t even have to comment on this blog post, even though we’d love if you would! So let’s make a deal, if you use that coupon code, after we ship the pepper spray to you, come back here and leave a comment with how you like it (we are sure you’ll absolutely love it!)

Stay Safe – Buy a LARGE pepper spray today.

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