Hot Pepper Spray

When looking for pepper spray, you don’t want any ordinary pepper spray, you want the best, the hottest pepper spray available. Lucky enough, we stock hundreds of pepper spray, and even luckier, we are going to tell you which ones are the hottest.

To buy hot pepper spray, you need to sort by brand. Usually, a brand will use the same ingredients ranging from their keychain model all the way to their large canister model. The only difference is the amount of pepper spray in it.

So, what’s a brand that has hot pepper spray? WildFire.

That’s right, the WildFire brand has one of the hottest pepper sprays available. They produce a line of pepper sprays that are rated at 18% OC (which is at least 8% hotter than other pepper spray brands), and comes in small, keychain pepper sprays ranging to large canisters.

WildFire HOT Pepper SprayThe price is reasonable as well…$10.50 to save your life? Sounds good. For that amount of money you get a 1/2 ounce sized canister keychain with a firm grip. It comes in the color of your choosing, with 18% HOT pepper spray. This product is widely purchased, highly recommended by my staff and I.

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