Cute Pepper Spray

We have an assortment of pepper sprays, and more importantly, for what you are looking for, we have cute pepper spray. We realize that you want to keep yourself protected, but want to look fashionable at the same exact time, well you’re in luck because we have a couple of cute self defense products ranging from kubotans to small defense products that can hook right onto your keychain.

Cute Pepper Spray:

Small, pink pepper spray keychain Small, pink lipstick canister pepper spray Colored Pepper Spray Batons

As you can see pictured above, these are the most purchased pepper spray products by women because they are small, compact, strong and very easy to use! They come in different colors, but pink is the most common.

Did you know? We actually have a pepper spray page dedicated to women! That’s right, we have sorted out the most popular sprays, followed by the easiest to use, and come in pink colors. We then added them to one single category, which can be found here:

As you can see, we have only talked about pepper spray so far, however we do have other cute products that can keep you alive, such as the Equalizer. This product is so small, yet so powerful. They are very affordable, great to give to your friends. See the picture below.

Cute self defense weaponIf those don’t look cute then I must admit, we can’t help you! Look at those little ears and eyes, just don’t fall in love with it as a cozy product, it can save your life!

I hope you were able to find a product, if you can’t decide, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are HAPPY to help you find the perfect self defense product for you! Just contact us here:

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Thanks a lot,
Joseph Morris (with the thanks of Sharon for helping me out choosing stylish/cute pepper sprays for this post)

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