Affordable Taser Guns

If you are new to the self defense area, or even new to tasers, you probably don’t know about the consumer grade ones, which are much cheaper than the standard taser guns. Unless you work security, or need it for work, I’d personally recommend you go with a Taser C2, which we’ll talk about in detail below.

When searching for affordable taser guns, the Taser C2 is the way to go. What is the Taser C2 you may ask? It’s similar to a normal Taser, it shoots out and stuns the victim, the main difference is that it is small and portable, which why it is named the “consumer brand”. It fits into your purse or bag with ease, and you can take it with you pretty much wherever you wish.

You may ask: Is it strong / powerful enough to keep me safe? Absolutely. As you can see in the picture below, it shoots like a normal, high-end model police taser. It will do as much damage, allowing you to get to safety. It comes with all of the accessories you could want, such as a holster, training cartridge, etc.

C2 Taser GunDon’t be “turned off” by the yellow color because you are able to get it in up to 6 available colors!

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…but wait! Do you have less than $100 to spend on a taser? If this is the case, we’d recommend that you look into stun guns. They don’t shoot like tasers, but they pack a very powerful punch!

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