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This Cycle Saver is great for anyone who rides a bicycle, especially on secluded trails or roads. This product was invented by top professional, world champion athletes. It increases your safety, but it does not hinder your workout performance, so this is perfect for casual or even professional cyclists. The thing that makes this product so unique is that it comes with a unique bracket that mounts to your bicycle. It holds a 1/2 ounce canister, which is made of the hottest pepper formula to date.

This product is made with cayenne peppers, causing your attacker to suffer from a burning sensation, and moments later will be unable to do anything except to feel the pain of the pepper spray! This will leave you plenty of time to get to safety. This Cycle Saver has an easy-twist lock top, and a snap in bracket that mounts to your bicycle so that you can easily use your product when needed. The canister shoots up to 10 feet away and has 10-20 bursts per canister so that you can be at a safe distance from your attacker.

10 Ft. Pepper Spray Blast

  • Bicycle Mount for easy access to your product!
  • Perfect for casual or professionals
  • Shoots up to 10 feet away and up to 20 short blasts

We can not ship this bicycle model to the following states because of state laws: NY, or MA

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This product is eligible for a free replacement if it is used to defend yourself. You should know that this product can be used multiple times to defend yourself, however at any time if you use or lose it, please send us a copy of the police report, then we will send you a replacement of this product. We also cover the shipping, however accessories may not be included.


unique, works


i can honestly say that i didnt think this would attach onto my bicycle and stay on, but it does. you should make larger canisters the size of water bottles as well, thats my 2 cents

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