Senior Citizens

We kindly offer a senior citizen discount (55 and older are eligible). Why do we offer this discount? We offer senior citizen discounts because they are often the target of being mugged, so if an elderly person is able to quickly use their pepper spray, they can save their possessions and even their own life.

Discounts for senior citizens:

15% Discount - Eligible for all products - Simply e-mail us with the following: Your first and last name, as well as city and state.

* Please only e-mail us asking for this discount if you are 55 or older, do not abuse this. (Honor System!)

* Your personal information is safe with us, we do NOT release, sell, or exchange your information.

Leather Pepper Spray Keychains
Leather Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick K...


DeFuser Pepper Spray


Mace Spray Kubotans
Pepper Mace Kubotan Baton Keychain


Plastic Pepper Spray Keychains
1/2oz w/ Injected Molded Holster & Quick K...


Leopard Pepper Spray Keychain
Leatherette Leopard Pepper Spray


Cheetah Pepper Spray
Leatherette Cheetah Pepper Spray



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