Bears (Camping & Hiking)

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We carry useful products for camping and hiking. Our bear sprays are non-lethal. You do not have to worry about causing any permanent or serious damage.

Orders of $30 or more ship for free (which includes all of our bear sprays).

Bear Spray
9oz. Bear Repellent Defense Pepper Spray


Bear Mace
9 oz Bear Fogger - Mace Branded Product


Mace Screecher
Mace Screecher Alarm


7.9oz. FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray & Attack Deterrent with 2 Bear Bells
7.9oz. FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray & Attack De...


Black Bear Bell
Bear Bell


Different Colored Bear Bells
Bear Bells - Assorted Colors (40 Piece)


Ruger Bear Spray
Ruger Bear Spray



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