Bears (Camping & Hiking)

We carry some of the strongest bear sprays on the market. When you need something to fight off a grizzly bear, you need the best. Most of the repellents below allow you to purchase a holster so that you can have quick access to it for ultimate protection.

All of the products listed below are non-lethal. Also, each are EPA approved, thus they can be shipped to any state within the United States.

Orders of $30 or more ship for free (which includes all of our bear sprays).

Not sure which product you want? The Guard Alaska (the first product listed below), is our most popular. When in alaska, you will see most people carrying this brand as it is proven to deter all species of bears!

Canadian residents: You must go to this page to order bear spray:

Bear Spray
9oz. Bear Repellent Defense Pepper Spray


Bear Mace
9 oz Bear Fogger - Mace Branded Product


7.9oz. FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray & Attack Deterrent with 2 Bear Bells
7.9oz. FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray & Attack De...


Mace Screecher
Mace Screecher Alarm


Black Bear Bell
Bear Bell


Different Colored Bear Bells
Bear Bells - Assorted Colors (40 Piece)


Ruger Bear Spray
Ruger Bear Spray



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