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What you can expect when shopping with us:

We strive to keep you safe with affordable, easy to use self defense products. On our website you can find the best products to keep yourself or a loved one safe. All of the products you see on this site are non-lethal and tested before being packaged. We make sure that we deliver a promise that we can keep, which is keeping you safe.

If you are thinking "I have never used any of these products before, it is scary!" I understand you may feel that way and a lot of people do, but you should know this: it's the year 2014 and these products have been improvised and have been made much easier for people to use. For instance, with the pepper sprays you just squirt them like a water hose, or with the stun gun you just turn the safety switch off and press the trigger. These products are made with you in mind, knowing that not everybody is safety conscience.

Speaking of safety, almost all of the self defense products have some sort of safety mechanism on them, for instance a pin you have to pull, a lever you have to push to the side, or a safety button before you discharge that stun gun. It is very difficult to accidentally spray or zap yourself, so do not use that as an excuse for not carrying one with you to protect yourself.

Quality. All of our products are high quality, and tested to ensure they work properly. We can back this up with a lifetime guarantee. Also, there are 2-year manufacturer warranties on a lot of these products. Not satisfied with that? We even have a special free replacement program, which allows you to get a replacement of a product if you lose it or use it. Simply send us a police report and we will send you a replacement of the product you ordered.

As you are aware, police carry pepper spray, as do other professions such as postal carriers. They carry the same exact pepper spray that we have in our store. If they trust it, you can trust it.

Like mentioned earlier, we want to keep people safe. If you want to keep people safe and make some money on the side, we offer an affiliate program where you can promote our products, keep people safe and earn money at the same time.

Stay Safe!


Joseph Morris
Founder & President

crime statistics

As you can see we live in a very dangerous world. One person is killed every 35.4 minutes... think about that for a couple of seconds. While you were thinking about that another crime just occurred. I hope you realize how important it is to keep yourself safe. It may be at your home, in your car, while walking, most certainly when you least expect it. You see in the news, people are mugged, attacked, homes are burglarized... most of it can be prevented.

PS: If you want to know the best self defense or home defense product for yourself then tell us a little bit about yourself and the type of situation you are in - contact us.

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